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Each month with our Spar recipes you can find nutritional information and advice, helping you achieve a healthy and balanced diet.

Paella, the most famous dish among our rich and varied gastronomy
"Paella, the most famous dish among our rich and varied gastronomy"

The Spanish word “Paella” can be found in all languages, and the dish is an unarguable example of the international popularity of our cooking.

Paella first appeared in the rural areas around Valencia in the 16th Century. It was a typical dish eaten by farmers and shepherds, largely because it was easy to transport and could be cooked using whatever ingredients were at hand.

Paella is a very famous dish and can be found on the menus of thousands of restaurants in Spain and across the world.

It is a balanced dish because it contains protein from the meat or seafood in addition to carbohydrates from the rice. An average portion normally contains around 450 calories, depending on the amount of ingredients used.

When preparing this tasty dish we should not wash the rice as this results in it losing its vitamins, such as B1 and B2. Rice is a product low in sodium and with minimum levels of gluten.

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